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Arizona Elk Society's Board of Directors saw a need to focus efforts to set aside land such as riparian areas, critical winter range, migration corridors, quality calving grounds and forage meadows. The plan included  offering conservation easements to landowners that will help them continue operations on their land while limiting the loss of wildlife habitat through development.  At the same time as these issues were being worked, the AES Board of Directors saw a need to raise funds in order to conserve land as wildlife habitat without taking away from the funds raised for on the ground improvements and youth projects. Thus was the Habitat Partners of Arizona program established.


These are our current Habitat Partners:  


Imperial Partner - Harry Carlson

Imperial Partner -Sharon and John Stuckey

Royal Partner - Walt and Cookie Nicoson

Sponsor Partner - Bass Pro Shop

Sponsor Partner - Tom and Janet Bowman

Sponsor Partner - Cabela's

Sponsor Partner - Pacific West Representatives

Sponsor Partner - Sportsman's Warehouse

Sponsor Partner - Steve Clark

Sponsor Partner - David Baril

Sponsor Partner - Ron and Sharon Eichelberger

Sponsor Partner - Sallie Page

Sponsor Partner - Pete Page


FOR QUESTIONS: Call Steve Clark at (623) 444-4147