On Friday evening myself along with two volunteers, a father and son team, arrived at the location and set up a base camp. After setting up camp, we hauled about 40 logs from our location at Dickenson Flat Tank approximately 3 miles to Garden Tank. When we finished hauling those, we loaded up another 30 logs for the next morning.

On Saturday morning we had 2 more volunteers come to help us, and after a brief safety meeting, we headed down to Garden Tank. We laid out the logs beforehand to help with ease of the job, and then started building the fence. The volunteers caught on really quickly on the process. This fence was being installed because motorcycles had torn up the meadow north of the tank and left deep tracks in it. After 5 hours of hard and laborious work, we had installed 138 yards of fencing around the north side of the tank.


After a quick lunch, we headed down to Long Valley, 8 miles from our base camp. Here we repaired 2 sections of fence that had fallen over or been moved. Also at Long Valley, we went to a willow enclosure by the old Forest Ranger camp and pulled the fence away from the willows. Elk had pushed the fence in so that they could eat the ends of the willow branches. Hopefully this will deter the elk from further foraging of the willows inside the enclosure. We also walked an area of Long Valley meadow to clean up some previous work that had been done there.