Burro Creek 2021
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Arizona Elk Society "Back to Burro Creek" Project

June 4-6, 2021



AES Burro Creek Allotment Boundary Fence maintenance Project. In the White Mountains, South of Big Lake, Unit 1



Project Summary:

Volunteer for a Wildlife Habitat Project Join us for the Burro Creek Allotment Boundary Fence maintenance Project!

AES is looking for volunteers to drive & hike to remote areas to fix the fence between USFS and the Indian Reservation. We will be assisted by the USFS personnel and other groups and volunteers. Work will include restringing the barbed wire fence that is down and fixing breaks in the fence. In addition, the USFS and AES Certified Sawyers will be going ahead of the volunteers to cut any trees that have fallen on the fence.



In addition, we are looking for volunteers to cook, help set up and tear down, and haul trailers. The plan is to arrive late Thursday or Fri. by noon to set up camp and meet with the Forest Service to go over maps.


We will be working in teams, 8 hours on Sat. and 4 hours on Sunday. We plan to leave camp at noon on Sunday.

Project dates:  June 4 – June 6, 2021. AES will provide volunteer t-shirts, tools, gloves, safety glasses, food, water. Main camp is just west of Crescent Lake in the White Mountains.

Meals: Fri Dinner, Sat Breakfast/lunch/dinner, Sun Breakfast/lunch.

Burro Creek

BE A VOLUNTEER     or email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Volunteer needs:

4 volunteers to help buy/load the food in food trailer. Thursday morning June 3.

5 Cooks

3 Trailer haulers, Kitchen/Food/Ranger one must be 3/4t truck for the kitchen trailer (Steve if necessary)

8 helpers on Fri 12 noon for set up camp & kitchen

6-8 AES/USFS Certified Sawyers

60 General volunteers to help fix the fence