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Thank for even considering the idea of making a donation to The Arizona Elk Society(AES). AES is a 501-c3 Non-profit organization and all donations are income tax deductible. if it is appropriate for you or your organization. We encourage you to discuss these tax deductible advantage with your tax consultant.

We practice good stewardship of all funds we receive through our grants, fund-raising efforts and donations. The AES Board of Directors works hard to get the “best bang for our buck” in the use of funds.

Habitat Projects –  The main focus is wildlife water projects, large-scale grassland restoration, juniper and forest thinning, controlled burns and riparian fencing. In total,  In 2014 we funded $462,000 in elk habitat projects.

Volunteer Habitat Work Projects – These are aimed at increasing watershed for the riparian sponge meadows to benefit wildlife and the public. The value to Arizona’s wildlife is better habitat, more widely distributed water.  The cost associated with these large scale volunteer work projects exceeds $30,000 per year.

Water for Wildlife Program (2014) – With money from the Arizona Elk Society Banquet and the AZGFD Habitat Partnership Program, we funded over $30,000 to haul over 200,000 gallons of water through August. At the same time we were hauling water, the Arizona Elk Society Catchment Repair Squad is working to restore and maintain over 50 wildlife catchments in Northern Arizona. We are working with the AZGFD, USFS and area ranchers to complete this project at a cost of $25,000. Another project was the cleaning out of many dirt tanks in Northern Arizona. The Arizona Elk Society, AZGFD and USFS identified 16 dirt tanks that had filled in with silt.  When completed, we will have added over 5 million gallons of capacity for new water in northern Arizona. The tank cleaning project will cost over $50,000 to complete.

Youth Programs – In 2014 the Arizona Elk Society hosted over 750 Arizona youth at our various outdoor skills camps and junior hunting camps at a cost of over $25,000.  The youth were from families and groups both in cities and in rural communities. Many of these kids were in the outdoors hunting, fishing and camping for the first time. In addition our new program to include many wildlife habitat projects for Boy Scout Eagle Scout Projects. The objective is to develop a sense of responsibility in our youth, for taking care of the forests and of wildlife habitat, is very important for the future of Arizona.

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