About Us

The first AES meeting was held on June 25, 2001.

The group present discussed the desire to develop an Arizona Elk organization. Among the many ideas and concerns addressed were; youth programs, educational programs, direct involvement with herd management and the capability to bring more funds raised directly to the elk herds in Arizona.

AES Banquet Volunteers 2009

Since our first meeting the number of individuals and families attending has grown. We have worked diligently in developing a modern, focused organization. The Arizona Elk Society is a registered Arizona non-profit organization.

Our AES Officers and Board of Directors have really helped make ours a strong organization that takes care of Arizona wildlife and habitat.

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The Mission

"The mission of the Arizona Elk Society is to benefit elk and other wildlife by generating resources for habitat conservation and restoration, and to preserve our hunting heritage for present and future generations."

The Vision

"Arizona Elk Society is the premier organization for supporting habitat restoration for elk and wildlife."

In support of our mission we are committed to:

Thirst Elk drinking water provided by AES

  • Conserving and enhancing wildlife habitat in Arizona.
  • Protecting and promoting our hunting heritage.
  • Promoting sound wildlife management and habitat through partnering with government agencies and other organizations.
  • Implementing special programs for youth education regarding conservation, hunting and outdoor activities.
  • Informing the general public about issues concerning wildlife conservation, as well as scientific and biological wildlife and habitat management.