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Habitat Partners of Arizona


With the rapid loss of open space to development, wildlife habitat is being reduced at a rate of 7 square miles per day. Arizona’s elk herds are loosing traditional migration corridors, calving grounds, forage meadows and other important habitat. The new “Habitat Partners of Arizona” program is designed to help protect that land. The main focus of this program will be to preserve land and prevent the rapid decline of Arizona’s elk habitat.




By donating to the Arizona Elk Society Habitat Partners of Arizona program, you will help further our mission to benefit elk and other wildlife though habitat conservation. Your donation will ensure that we will be able to pass on the legacy to future generations of young people.

          • Become a Habitat Partner with your tax deductible donation starting at $2500 ($1000 for 17 and under).
          • Payment Plan Available to see details review the Habitat Partner donation form $500 minimum commitment per year.
          • You will be recognized for a donation level once your payments reach that level. If you continue your payments you'll be recognized at each level you attain.
          • All Habitat Partners of Arizona participants that reach the $2500 level and above ($1000 for youth) will be recognized in our literature and on the AES web site.
          • All Habitat Partners who attain the $2500 level and above will receive a plaque at each level.
          • If you are interested in donating property or a conservation easement, the AES will work with you to designate the appropriate level depending on the value of the donation.



FOR QUESTIONS: Call Steve Clark at (623) 444-4147


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How Will Habitat Partner Money Be Used?


Conservation Easements

An agreement between landowners and a qualified conservation organization in which the owner of the land agrees to place restrictions on the type and amount of development that can take place on the property. Conservation easements can provide tax breaks for private landowners and ensure that the ranchers and landowners continue operations on the ranch while limiting the loss of habitat through land development.

Land Donations

A gift of land or real estate from a corporation or private landowner. If the land is not wildlife habitat, the AES will sell it and use the proceeds to protect wildlife habitat elsewhere. If the land contains good habitat, the AES may convey it to the appropriate wildlife agency or resell the property with a conservation easement in place.

Bargain Sale Purchase

The purchase of property with a portion of the price being discounted as a property donation. The AES pays the landowner a portion of the price and the landowner then donates the remaining value as a tax deductible charitable donation.

Possible Land Use Changes

In accomplishing the Burro Creek realignment, the Arizona Elk Society was able to purchase a grazing allotment, realign the grazing pastures, and gain significant wildlife habitat. These type of projects bring together many agencies and individuals to work together to improve habitat to benefit all parties.


Donation Levels


Legacy Partner $500,000

Habitat Guardian $250,000

Monarch Partner $50,000

Imperial Partner $25,000

Royal Partner $10,000

Supporting Partner $5,000

Sponsor Partner $2,500

Spike Partner (youth 17 & under) $1,000

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Our latest Allotment purchase is Buck Springs!!!  But the quest continues!!!

Buck Springs 2Today is a critical time in Arizona's history as it relates to wildlife habitat. Acre upon acre of private as well as trust land are being developed into small ranches that interfere with the natural migration of Elk and fragments their habitat.

Arizona Elk Society's Board of Directors saw a need to focus efforts to set aside land such as riparian areas, critical winter range, migration corridors, quality calving grounds and forage meadows. The plan included offering conservation easements to landowners that will help them continue operations on their land while limiting the loss of wildlife habitat through development.  At the same time as these issues were being worked, the AES Board of Directors saw a need to raise funds in order to conserve land as wildlife habitat without taking away from the funds raised for on the ground improvements and youth projects. Thus was the Habitat Partners of Arizona program established.

Buck Springs 2

By partnering with ranchers, landowners and government agencies the Habitat Partners of Arizona program will be able to maintain forage-rich grasslands, critical elk winter and summer ranges, migration corridors, calving grounds, natural water sources such as riparian areas, and increase wildlife habitat. After the land has been designated saved, the AES can then plan projects to restore and improve the habitat.

With the success of the Burro Creek allotment purchase and reconfiguration the AES opened a door that has shown we are a successful land conservation organization. Up until Burro Creek the AES had done a great job of improving habitat by funding smaller but important projects such as Pinion Juniper treatments, controlled burns, water developments and more. The AES will continue it's funding of these necessary projects.  The AES is very proud of the Burro Creek accomplishment and with your help by becoming a Habitat Partner of Arizona; we will continue the work to conserve critical Elk habitat.

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