Please support all of our Sponsors,  by supporting them; you support AES 

2008_banquet_photos_012The major fund-raising effort we have is our annual Banquet held in March of each year.  For 2013 this will be our 12th annual banquet. The Banquet sponsors are most of the Corporate Sponsors, many of our own members, and  then groups and/or businesses that  understand why we do what we do.  On the Banquet page we list the various sponsors and donors for last year's banquet or the current year depending how close we are to the upcoming banquet. 

 A major sponsor of the AES is the Arizona Game and Fish (AZG&F) Commission.  Each year they provide us with one or more of  their "Commissioner Tags" for a given species.  These tags permit the holder to hunt for 365 days  in the the year listed for their trophy animal.  These tags draw a lot of interest from hunters throughout the United States. In 2008 the AZG&F Commissioner's Elk Tag sold at live auction for $195,000 at the AES Banquet.

The people who come to the annual AES banquet truly enjoy the event because our sponsors have given so generously. The money participants pay for a seat,  buy raffle tickets, and auction items generate a great return for AES because of the generous support of the banquet sponsors.  

The final group of sponsors are the Habitat PartnersArizona Elk Society's Board of Directors saw a need to have a  focused effort to set aside land such as riparian areas, critical winter range, migration corridors, quality calving grounds and forage meadows. The plan included  offering conservation easements to landowners that will help them continue operations on their land while limiting the loss of wildlife habitat through development.  Thus was the Habitat Partners of Arizona program established.  After the land has been designated saved, the AES can then plan projects to restore and improve the habitat.  Many of the people and organzations that are "Habitat Partners" are part of the Arizona Elk Society membership stepping a bit higher to show their support of our habitat programs.

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