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Youth Programs


As stated in our mission statement, the Arizona Elk Society is committed to preserving our hunting heritage by providing Arizona youth programs for present and future generations. If you want to help, check out the Volunteer page.

Accordingly, we take an active role in working with youngsters that show an interest in outdoor activities. We use that initial interest as a gateway to teach the youngsters weapon safety, habitat conservation and restoration, respect for wildlife and a menu of other matters that will aid them with their outdoor experiences in Arizona. We recognize the fact that it will be today's youth that will become tomorrows leaders in wildlife and habitat conservation. To this end we have several Arizona youth programs each year. The various links you see on this page will take you to a page with some background on each of these programs.  The next occurrence of the program is/will be reported on this page.


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Wild in the City


Outdoor Skills Camp Single day

camp offered several times a year

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Wapiti Weekend


2-day educational camp

for children ages 5-18

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provide scholarships to High School Seniors

and College students

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Jr. Turkey Camp


Learn to Hunt wild Turkey

Mentored hunting Camp

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Jr. Elk Camp


Learn to Hunt Elk

Mentored hunting Camp

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Scouts Projects


Eagle Scout Projects Program

Get involved in wildlife conservation