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Hunting has been not only a healing process but an outlet for me


I started my Career In 1981, I enlisted in the Army. I became a Ranger and I found that the further I went the Men I served with never complained because we all wanted to be there. After 11 years I transfer to the Navy and it was the same there. After I was medically retired in 2004 and move on in IMG 0603 meggittcivilian life I found I was and still am finding it hard to deal with civilians. What I found is I do not like complaining. My lovely wife pushed me to go hunting with a lifelong friend. Hunting has been not only a healing process but an outlet for me. Hunters want to be there. They do not complain if we get rained on or it’s cold or raining out. I enjoy being with other hunters.

I have never been drawn for Elk. So this hunt that was donated to me was very special. Randy and his son Seth showed me how to hunt Elk. It was hard work and very enjoying. They helped me harvest my first Elk on opening day. Randy and Seth were so fantastic. I believe we will be life time friends. We are already talking about next year putting in for a Bull hunt. I cannot wait. I cannot thank them enough.

I would like to thank the Arizona Elk Society, Heroes Rising Outdoors® And Dennis Bloodworth for donating the tag. 


John W. Marriott JR (USN RET)



As an injured Iraq veteran, I was offered a bison archery hunt in August of 2016. The hunt was generously donated by the "Heroes Rising Outdoors®" and the tag was donated by an IMG 5511Arizona hunter who had drawn an either sex tag.

I'm writing this letter to personally thank the Arizona Elk Society and Heroes Rising Outdoors® for this outstanding opportunity. I specifically want to thank the Arizona Elk Society for helping vets get this incredible experience. All the individuals involved provided equipment, food and lodging. I think knowing that individuals care so much makes this hunt so memorable for me. They are a great group of people.

I made friends and had an outstanding experience. In fact, since returning from the hunt my wife commented I seemed to be more patient with her and my children.

Thanks again.


Ryan Newman

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